Priyanka Chopra spills on whether she enjoys tour life with hubby Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra is spilling the tea whether the tour life with her husband Nick Jonas is something she enjoys.

Speaking on the Victoria’s Secret podcast, VS Voices Podcast the actress spoke about what her experience is like touring the globe with her musician hubby.

“I do love a tour bus,” she said. 

“I’m used to being in trailers that don’t move, right? As an actor … you’re not supposed to sleep in a trailer, eat in a trailer. Like, I only know that you do that on a road trip, not when you’re working and have to wake up and do your job,” she continued. 

“But my husband was convincing and we did it in Europe and I was like, ‘This … is so amazing.’ 

“It’s like a home on wheels and I actually slept like a baby. I felt like I rocked to sleep.”

Source: www.thenews.com.pk

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