Prophet Nigel Gaisie replies a follower who called him ‘419 prophet’

Prophet Nigel Gaisie gave an unexpected answer to a follower who called him ‘419 prophet’.

‘419’ is another word for ‘fraud or scammer’.

Given the insult, once would have expected Nigel to respond with his usual curses.

But this time, he gave a calm response saying ‘Thanks God bless you sir’.


See screenshots below:

prophet nigel gaisie2133577151

Prophet Nigel has become an object of trolling and insults after his prophecies concerning the 2020 elections failed.

He prophesied that John Dumelo would win the Ayawaso West constituency parliamentary seat but that didn’t happen.

He also prophesied that John Mahama would win the 2020 elections but again Nana Addo won instead.

All these happenings have caused people to doubt the credibility of his prophecies.

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