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Python bites and drags Australian boy into a pool

Python bites and drags Australian boy into a pool

Python bites and drags Australian boy into a pool
Python bites and drags Australian boy into a pool

A five-year-old boy has managed to survive after being bit, strangled, and thrown into a pool by a snake the length of a small car, according to his father, who told the reporters, “Oh, that’s where we live, I see. In Australia.”

A three-meter (10-foot) long python struck from adjacent undergrowth while five-year-old Beau was playing by the side of a pool in Byron Bay, according to his father Ben Blake, who spoke to Nine radio on Friday.

“I believe the python was sort of sitting there waiting for a victim to come along — a bird or something — and Beau was it.”

The snake bit the child before dragging them both under water and coiling around a leg.

A 76-year-old man jumped to the boy’s aid, plunging into the water and pulling him out while the snake was still attached.

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Ben Blake then managed to pry the snake free while attempting to control the situation. He told the radio station, “I’m not a tiny lad, I got him released within 15-20 seconds. The youngster, who was described as “an amazing trooper,” is making a good recovery.

“Once we cleaned up the blood and told him he wasn´t going to die because it wasn´t a poisonous snake, he’s actually pretty good,” Blake said.

Despite the fact that pythons are not poisonous, the five-year-old is receiving treatment to avoid an infection from the bite.

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Blake described the situation as “something of an experience,” adding that snakes were a common occurrence in and around the subtropical Byron Bay, a well-known tourist destination and surfing hotspot eight hours north of Sydney.

“It is Australia. They are about,” Blake said, adding that the snake was released and “the naughty thing” went straight back into the vegetation — “the scene of the crime.”


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