She Is Already Expecting Her 5th Child At Age 16 And Surprisingly, Her Husband Is A Father Of None

Some stories are mind bursting to the extent that you will just ask yourself, how did it happened? Well, this is the story of a 16 year old teenager who is already having 4 kids as if that is all, she will be expecting her 5th child as report says she is pregnant again.

Teenage pregnancy is one particular topic that I know most teachers take their time to teach students into details what is all about because of the consequences or effects associated with it. But yet, there is still high rate of teenage pregnancy especially in Africa and it’s really getting out of hands.

A social media user who happened to be a witnessed of which per the name is a Nigerian, has taken to her social media handle to share about a particular young girl who is already having 4 kids and has gotten pregnant again.

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According to her, the young girl whom she did not disclose her identity had her 4 kids with a man whom she is no more in a relationship with, and she is now married to another man who has been taking care of her and her 4 kids.

This girl did not consider how her husband has been supportive to her and still went ahead to cheat with a different guy whom has gotten her pregnant now.

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According to Akinnawonu, the husband caught her young wife who slept at her new lover’s place overnight and decided to report to the community leaders. This girl had the guts to fight her husband for reporting her to the elders.

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