Stop Chewing An Honorable’s Wife Because Of Your Fame – Abeiku Santana Descends On Celebrities And Slay Queens

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Radio presenter Abeiku Santana has descended heavily on celebrities, influencers, and slay queens who are misusing their fame.

The Drive Time host unleashed these venom on his show when he was sharing a piece of advice and later branched to that area.


Abeiku warned male celebrities who are using their fame to chew the wives of prominent people in the society, such as wives of Ministers, and also turned to slay queens who are also doing the same.

In the video, he warned them heavily to stop doing that. To the slay queens, he asked them to stop spending the money of husbands and fathers who are supposed to take care of their families but don’t because of them.

His message in the video was simple, for these celebrities and slay queens to stop spending monies of sugar daddies and male celebrities stop chewing people’s wives because of their fame. Click to watch the video.

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