Ghana has become a hub for musical beefs in recent time taking it from the days of Obrafuor and X-Doe through to Shatta Wale, Samini and Stonebwoy.

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M.anifest and Sarkodie did also add their names to the beefing list not too long ago.

Quite recently, we had a decade diss between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy going out of hand to nearly becoming a bloody clash live on TV.

This generated a lot of buzz in Ghana which eventually triggered a Shatta-Stone peace to made.

Currently, a new beef has been ignited between former SarkCess Music signee, Strongman Burner and AMG Business front-liner, Medikal.

It all started after Medikal aka MDK claimed to be the best rapper in Ghana and even went on to say he saved the genre from dying 4 years ago.

That did not go down well with Strongman who vented his feeling during an interview on Zylofon TV some few days ago.

The ‘mouth-go-mouth-come’ eventually made Medikal diss him at the latter end of his ‘To Those It May Concern’ banger.

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Ah well, it seems MDK has bitten more than he can chew as he has received a career threatening direct diss song from Strongman Burner.

Outlined below are the 10 ways in which Strongman teared Medikal apart in his “Don’t Try” diss song which is fast trending;

Substract your fraud money from the real money 3nsesa na 3b3ka w)r akyire nu ebi em be your music money eno fit buy you bicycle my man you sounding funny..

The AMG Business crew for a fact contains over 99.9% of alleged scammers or fraudsters otherwise known as ‘Yahoo boys’.

Medikal has been linked to such societal defiant and nation threatening people and for a fact that he is on the AMG Business label, highly makes him one.

Even in most music lines of Medikal, he clearly showers praise on scammers and even uses their common terms like ‘Yellow House’, ‘Confirm’, ‘Block holder’, ‘Bank Alert’ and ‘Percentage’.

He also lives an extravagant and flashy lifestyle which we all know his music money can’t sort out per his stand in the industry currently.

Strongman might have used the aforementioned line in his diss song to him because MDK firstly stated in his ‘To whom It May concern‘ song that; ‘My number plate dey pass your (Strongman) rent‘.

Wo Sheda dissi y3 s3 nie mi reply w)a w)b3 tenasi na wua b3 sua (You intentionally dissed me so that after replying, you will sit down and learn how to rap)

Strongman judging from this line might have heard Medikal’s diss song to him. He knew most of the lines in the song was a direct jab to himself and his crew.

He therefore punched to send a clear shot to MDK that he wants to learn how to deliver some real good bars by embarking on a diss battle with him.

With this, Strongman is telling Ghanaians he is the lecturer of Medikal.

)si )w) car )si )w) Benz but rap mu )da bench (He brags of having a car and a Benz but rap-wise, he is on the bench)

Medikal is one rapper who never seizes to brag about his wealth on songs.

Whether Hiplife or Hip-Hop, the bar-for-bar rapper always outlines his assets in the form of cash or cars on the major part of the song’s lyrics.

(Me t)) C300 2015 no na mo ada, Six bedrooms i still dey bed my hall Joe etc.)

Strongman therefore wanted to let him know the difference between acquiring wealth and being virtually empty when it comes to rap.

Big Body big body wa dwen kitua s3 coins

No one will dare say Medikal is not stout.

According to Strongman however, Medikal’s stature does not match with his senses.

He compared his brains to coins probably a 5 Pesewas coin which is no more in existence..Oh yawa ooo big one…

W) rap 3ni sequence……

Hmmmm, Medikal’s biggest flaw is not having a story line whenever he is rapping on a song.

He does not stick to the sequence of his songs but instead goes outside the box except in some few instances.

That makes most of his songs to be totally empty.

Ah well, Strongman just reminded him of that fact.

W) shotti fia yi nah w) b3tua 3nie charlie fa b) paa (If this weak lines are what you are delivering as a diss, then use it on labor)

This clearly shows that after listening to Medikal’s ‘To whom It May concern‘ diss song, Strongman wasn’t impressed.

He therefore saw no reason why Medikal would be claiming the best rapper if he can’t just do a nice diss song.

Strongman is therefore advising him to save his energy for his browsing job lol.

Susu kasa na mati s3 car nu ebiy3 mmokwa (Limit your talks because I’ve heard some of your cars are stolen cars)

Strongman is reminding Ghanaians and Medikal of the fact that some of his cars were stolen offshore and even did not follow due processes at the port.

It could be recalled that news went viral concerning one Audi A8 car Medikal gifted to Fella some few months ago being a stolen car in a garage abroad.

Ah well, the ‘Don’t Try‘ star is just cautioning MDK to stay on a low with his bragging spirit or face a battle from EOCO.

SHS leaver hold your heart before you talk to graduate

Strongman is academically inclined than Medikal.

Medikal is an SHS leaver whiles Strongman is a University graduate (UCC).

He is warning MDK to be mindful of his feelings against someone who has got a huge knowledge in the academic world.

W) rap gboka yiwa s)m mi kyere w) rap hygrade (Your rap is like the residue of marijuana, pay rapt attention to the real marijuana rap)

Strongman is comparing Medikal’s songs to the waste of marijuana.

‘Gboka’ is a local term for the waste or residue of marijuana after the correct ones have been taken off during processing.

He as well advised him to pay attention to some real rap songs.

Controversies all the time enua na 3ma w) hit, ‘Too Risky’ eni ‘Omo Ada’ nyinaa mma 3na 3boa w) hit (You got a hit song mainly because of controversies, Too Risky & Omo Ada were all hit songs because of women)

It is an open fact that Sister Derby’s presence on Medikal’s ‘Too Risky’ song made it an instant hit which as well sealed a permanent spot for him in the industry.

That was even at the time he was dating Sister Derby.

‘Omo Ada’ also became a hit banger after the media revealed Fella Makafui’s verse on it.

That was even at the time they were also in the news for various reasons surrounding their dating life, a form of controversy.

This according to Strongman is the only reason MDK is still relevant in the music market.

What’s your take on this?…….


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