Talented Kids,Nsroma And Others Should Be Banned – Oheneba Kissi

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Reality TV shows for kids have become popular programmes on our TV screens. Some of these shows are Talented Kidz on TV3, Nsroma on Adom TV just ro mention a few. Many of these programmes are competitive talent hunts among children. The shows “judge” children on talents such as dancing, stand up comedy, and many others and finally, the most talented child is awarded the winner of the competition.

Highlife legendary Oheneba Kissi reacting to these Kidz Reality Shows has made a shocking revelation saying such programs are affecting these children psychologically therefore the need for the government or any institution in charge to cancel all Kidz Reality Shows on TV.

In an interview with Ike De Farmer, highlife legend Oheneba Kissi said

“Children are in a stage of emotional development where they are not emotionally equipped to handle rejection in a matured manner and when they are not appreciated, their mental state could affect the way they handle pressure situations.”

Speaking on Brekum based Shalom Fm,Oheneba Kissi however said children should certainly be motivated to develop their creative skills in performing arts such as music, dancing, arts and others in their various schools than participating in reality shows. And any child who has the capacity to learn any of the aforementioned can learn through training, practice with motivation, interest as well as having the adequate biological capacity with the support of parents.

Oheneba Kissi finally advised kids to take their education very serious than to involve themselves in these reality shows.

“They way Parents put too much pressure on their children academically, same way they put pressure on their wards signed to such reality shows because they have too much expectation from their children. Some parents become blind and unrealistic to the physical and mental capabilities of the child,” he concluded

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