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Tesla is the only choice according to the people in Germany

During the war between the Russian and the Ukrainians,there are shortage of fuel in the country of Germany

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According to some people they walk from home to work by which there are mass shortage of fuel in the country.Since the start of the war, Germany has not been receiving oil from their main source recently

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Germany is not their own producers of oil but they export oil to their country but due to the war Germany is in crisis.

People now do not have a choice but to try the Tesla model.The Tesla only uses electricity to charge and operate no fuel.As they use electric train now people have started buying the Tesla model

The question is, Will the Tesla model take control of the world since those extracting the oil are not in the mood to sell or share again?

Will Elon Musk start producing many Tesla Model Cars?

We are all yet to find out

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