Fight against LGBTQI by Ghana Muslim students association

The Ghana Muslim students association has stated emphatically and have made their stand clear to the General public on the trend of LGBTQI and it’s related issues and on matters arising from it.

Logo of GMSA

The association broke this news by issuing out a communique(notice) signed by their president in the person of Imam Abdul Wadud Ali, of which they say they don’t concord with the LGBT COMMUNITY setting up their office in Ghana and also condemn the all their activities.



GMSA Writes,

“we do not only speak against the establishment of their secretariat but we also condemn all their activities. Their activities are indeed evil and against religious and moral standards; historically, a nation(sodom and Gomora) were destroyed because of these ill practices. LGBT is clearly outlawed in the teachings of Islam, Christianity and the Ghanaian tradition and for that matter it has no basis to survive in this country.”

Now, that the Muslim students association has made their self clear on this issue it’ll be of the best option to kick against the LGBTQI community because our customs and traditions frown on such activities.

Below is a picture of the communique issued by the Ghana Muslim Students’ Association against LGBTQI community.

IMG 20210224 WA0021

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