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The IMF is holding Ghana hostage – Freedom Jacob Caesar urges Kanye West to invest in Africa

Freedom Jacob Caesar
Freedom Jacob Caesar and Kanye West

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Nana Kwame Bediako, popularly known as Freedom Jacob Caesar, a Ghanaian real estate and hospitality business developer, has asked American rapper Kanye West to consider investing in Africa if America does not want his money.

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In a message to Kanye, the self-proclaimed “new prince of Africa” wrote: “@kanyewest IMF and World Bank are holding countries at ransom for Africa’s economic crisis.” Ghana, one of them, is one of them. If they don’t want your billions in their banks, use some of the funds to help African countries suffering from currency depreciation.

Freedom Jacob Caesar is the driving force behind the Freedom Coin, a native African utility token created to educate the youth about investing and development. He was described as a well-known African philanthropist and entrepreneur in a recent Yahoo Finance publication, who is making waves with his latest announcement: “I will invest 20% back into the first 15 million people who invest in Freedom Coin.”

With Freedom Coin, I hope to see Africans rediscover the value of our heritage. My forefathers bestowed wealth and intelligence upon me, and I intend to repay the favor. That is why I am giving away billions of Freedom Coins to the first 15 million African investors. “I believe in our collective ability to build this great continent,” he said in the publication.

Freedom Jacob Caesar was named Ghana’s CEO of the Decade in 2021, and he is the chairman of the Kwarleyz Group, which includes five companies: Wonda World Estates, Petronia City Development, New Africa Construction, Belfast City & Property Management, and New Africa Foundation.

Caesar was born in Ghana and an alumnus of the University of Westminster in London.

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