The Only Way Not To Be Disappointed In Life Is Not To Expect Anything From Anyone

I’ve come to realize that the only sure way not to be disappointed in life is not to expect anything from anyone.

This is one of the principles that I discovered by the age of 12.

You know, I used to live together with my mom and dad in a village and almost every festive season, say Christmas and Easter, my big aunties and uncles come back from the big cities to celebrate with us.

Normally, I’ll expect that they’ll buy me a new shoe, shirt, toy, or anything when coming — and they always met that expectation.

Another thing I expect from them is when going back, I’ll look forward to them to give me some few bucks — and this expectation was always met as well.

Well, you know what? As time went on, my aunties and uncles will come back like they used to, but they won’t get me a new shoe, shirt, and not even biscuits.

This would make me very bitter and disappointed.

Another thing that came to a halt is how they used to give me money when leaving, they’ll just be like “son I’ve run out of money this time, but don’t worry when I come next time, I’ll give you something”.

These comments made me sick because I was expecting eagerly that they’ll surely bless my pockets with a few bucks.

What I suffered then was a serious heartbreak. I sometimes asked myself if I did something wrong that they’re all changing towards me all of a sudden.

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So I was watching a movie (can’t remember the title) and in one of the scenes, a grand-father advised her daughter that “the only way not to be disappointed in life is not to expect anything from anyone”.

I took this to heart and decided to practice it.

So when the festive seasons came, I refused to look forward to getting some new gifts from my aunties and uncles.

And when they were leaving back to the city too, I positioned my mind that whether they give me money or not, I don’t care.

And this worked like magic, that sting of disappointment that I used to feel, vacated my heart.

Fast forward later in life, I applied this in everything I did. In my relationship, I don’t expect my partner not to cheat, so when my first girl thought she broke my heart, I just moved on because I wasn’t expecting her to be perfect.

I applied this in many spheres in my life and it has really helped me escape a lot of heartbreaks.

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Humans are imperfect so do not expect them never to wrong you. A lot of you out there are suffering heartbreaks just because you expect too much from people.

Please from today forward, tell yourself: “The only way not to be disappointed in life is not to expect anything from anyone”.

You’ll be surprised at how it’ll help you.

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