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Things To Do In Leh Ladakh

Well There is a famous quote stating that “Traveling is an investment within self” So This article is all about the most famous destination nowadays that is Leh Ladakh. 

A Variety of Leh Ladakh tour packages is available for the new favorite tourist destination for people all over India. After the second wave we have seen a huge increase in footfall in Leh and people from all over India have started going to Ladakh. Ladakh has two other names and for that it is very famous. One name of Ladakh is “The Land of High Passes” because there are many high altitude roads which are not found anywhere else in the world and Ladakh even has the world’s Highest Motorable Road. Leh is the Largest town in the Union territory Ladakh and Leh is situated at a height of 11,562 ft. Ladakh has everything from World’s Highest motorable road , Snow clad mountains , Views like The Grand Canyon , Deep Valleys , There are a lot of Buddisht Monasteries in Leh. Ladakh is one such place where even if you go repeatedly you will not get bored and hence you will find something interesting everytime you go. Here are some of the places and things that you can do while you are exploring Ladakh :1. Pangong Lake – When In Leh Ladakh Don’t forget to Visit the  Pangong Lake. Pangong Lake is one of a kind of lake. It Is Located At 14,271 ft and the interesting Fact about this lake is that 25% of this Lake belongs to India And The Remaining 75%of the Lake belongs  to China. It’s Worth Visiting this Place and if you are Visiting Pangong Lake make sure you stay there one night and enjoy the stargazing at night. The journey takes 5 hours and the speciality of this lake is that the color of this lake changes 2  to 3 times in a day. 2. Diskit Monastery – Diskit Monastery is a Buddisht Monastery and one of the most famous Monasteries in Ladakh and is located at 10,315 ft and it has a Giant Maitreya Buddha Statue . Make sure you visit this when you are visiting Ladakh. 3. Royal Leh Palace – Leh Palace is Built in Leh and it was built for the royal family of Leh but unfortunately it was taken over . The Royal Leh Palace has 9 floors and the view from Leh palace is just amazing. Entire Ladakh is seen from the top of the palace , the Indus Valley and Zanskar  range is also seen from the top of the palace. Make sure you visit the place while visiting Ladakh . 4. Khardung La -Khardungla is the world’s highest motorable pass and world’s Highest Motorable road . You can go to Khardung La by renting a Bike and driving it on your own or else you can rent a cab and go to the world’s Highest Motorable road . It is an opportunity of a Lifetime and Make sure you don’t miss this . 5. Nubra Valley – Nubra Valley is an amazing valley which is a cold dry region with Magnanimous Views and you can expect a snowfall while riding here and also in the months of April to august the entire valley fills with apricot trees and that is very Beautiful . Nubra Valley is a Paradise for Bike riders , because of the roads that give views just like the Grand Canyon in the USA . Make sure  you rent a bike from Ladakh and ride it across The Nubra Valley . 6. Shanti Stupa – Shanti stupa is the most famous Tibetan monument and it is known for its architecture and the surreal Beauty. It is located 2 hours from Ladakh on the Shanti stupa road . Visiting this place will make your body and mind attain Peace. 7. Leh Market – Leh Market is the Main market in the city and it has a lot of places to explore and shop the souvenirs and a lot of cafes where you can hangout and taste a nice  variety of food. 8. River Rafting in Ladakh – River rafting in Ladakh is an extremely popular adventure sport . Ladakh River rafting has Grade 1 , Grade 2 and Grade 3 difficulty  and the entire rafting takes almost 3 hours and the Journey will be from Phey To Nimmo and the Best time to do it is from The Month of June to the Month Of August. 

These are some of  the things which you can do while in Ladakh . So Plan Your trip according to your interest 

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