Those Spreading Rumors That I Was Attacked In Kumerica Are Just Jealous People

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Multiple Award Winning Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has broken his silence after reports went round that he and his crew were attacked and chased out of Krofrom, a suburb of Kumasi, when he went to the area for a video shoot as part of his Kumerica Invasion Project.


Shatta Wale was reportedly issued a stern warning by a group of angry youths in Kofrom for his failure to attend the funeral of his late acquaintance, Junior US, a native of Krofrom who was murdered in the United States in May last year. They also alleged that Shatta Wale owed Junior US GH¢200,000 which he has not refunded.

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Well, reacting to the reports that he was attacked by the youths, Shatta Wale stated in a post on his Facebook that he is still in Kumerica having fun and enjoying himself.

“Still in kumerica having fun as usual and the unhappy ones are saying I was attacked for what? if I may ask ?”

“We just had this successful shoot and all they can talk about is this? No wonder I keep leading them 50million years ahead,” he posted on his Facebook wall. Click to view post.

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