TikToker Hareem Shah being investigated for money laundering by Cyber Crime Wing

TikToker Hareem Shah is now under investigation by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)’s Cyber Crime Wing after a video of her claiming to have travelled abroad with a large sum of money went viral on the internet.

According to Imran Riaz, Additional Director of the Cyber Crime Sindh, the crime-fighting unit has taken notice of Shah for “acknowledging the offence of money laundering and denying it later on and terming it as a “fun video”.”

Riaz termed Shah’s viral video as an “act of ridiculing, disrupting and defaming Government of Pakistan as well as State Institutions using Cyber Space.”

“This also comes under the preview of glorification of offence of Money Laundering in cyber space,” Riaz further said, adding, “A formal notice is being issued to her (Shah) to explain her position.”

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Earlier, Geo News reported that the FIA had launched a money laundering probe against Shah. 

Shah, whose real name is Fizza Hussain as per documents obtained by Geo News,had travelled from Karachi International Airport to Doha on the night of January 10.

Speaking about the ordeal, the Tik Tok star said that she was dealing with large sums of currency of the first time and warned others to be cautious adding that she had safely reached Doha. 

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