Tracey Boakye Hits Hard At Critics Laughing At Her For Wearing Pajamas To Town

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Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Tracey Boakye has hit hard at critics and fans who have been teasing her and claiming to have worn a Pajamas to town.

The fashion sense of the actress has been questioned so many times, as fans and critics claim and laugh at her for her poor fashion sense.


Tracey has always been very much ready for such criticisms and backlash, and its either she records a video to reply to them or reply them right under their comments.

Once again the comments and criticisms have come up again, this is after she shared a photo of her about heading to town, and as usual, the fashion expects came out to scrutinize her dressing.

They ended up claiming her dress was pajamas and laughed at her which she has replied with a knockout comment.

In her reply, she shared a photo of someone who had rocked the same dress saying, ‘some villagers said it is pajamas’. Tracey Boakye has been ridiculed for her fashion sense because people expect more from her since she claims to have money.

screenshot of her reply below:

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