Tsatsu Tsikata – I was granted permission to smoke in secondary school

Veteran Ghanaian Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata has disclosed during his days at secondary school he was granted a special dispensation to smoke because of his health condition.

Tsatsu Tsikata revealed that he is an asthmatic patient thus was allowed to inhale the smoke of a cigarette made for asthmatic patients.

According to the experienced lawyer, he got to secondary at the age of 9, very tiny which made him to be excluded from bullying.


“I got to Mfantsipim when I was nine and the beauty of being that little was that everybody protects you so you don’t experience any of the bullying. There was a lot of bullying but they didn’t touch me. He said on Pan Africa TV.

Tsatsu Tsikata divulged that getting authorization to smoke the medicinal cigarette made him to become one of the favorite students on campus as the boys then will always rush to him for a piece but was quick to add that it was all an experience which has helped shaped his life.

“The other aspect of it is that in those days I was quite asthmatic and I’m still asthmatic. In those days, one of the asthma medications was the asthma cigarettes which you inhale and those sought of helped clear the system of asthma.

“I became a favourite of some of the bad boys in school because they saw that I was the only person who was allowed to smoke so occasionally they would come for a stick of asthma cigarettes in the hope that if they are caught smoking they would say that it’s the asthma cigarette.

I was the only person that had authorisation to smoke. I became their friends because they needed my cigarette to show that they also had asthma,” Tsatsu Tsikata said.



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