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V/R: Police uncover stockpile of arms at Alavanyo

Police say they’ve uncovered a stockpile of arms in Alavanyo in the Hohoe Municipality of the Volta Region.


According to the Regional Police Commander, over 70 AK 47 assault rifles are being kept in a location with the conflict prone area where guns are also being manufactured.

Four persons died last Monday following the shoot out between youth in Alavanyo Dzogbedze and security officials.

Volta Regional Police Commander DCOP Frank Duku fears community members will employ every means available to restrict the security service from impounding the ammunition due to their personal interest.

“You and I know that when it comes to manufacture of arms Alavanyo is leading across the country and even in West Africa. As we speak there are people who go there on duty to guard the manufacturing base so as weapons are being imported into Alavanyo, they themselves are manufacturing. What are they manufacturing the weapons for, to go and kill grass cutters? their target is human beings like you and I so they will go all out to defend their position and I’m surprised some of you listen to what they tell you more than what we tell you.

“Look, there’s a location that we have identified where over 70 AK 47 assault rifles are being kept in Alavanyo. You are forcing me to tell you things that will frighten you, but that’s the truth. But the chief if he comes here today will tell you that there’s not even a single AK 47 in his area. So if we begin to pick one by one are we not reducing the numbers, and will they allow us to do that? they will put all manner of defence because they have an interest,” DCOP Frank Duku to Journalists at a press conference.

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