Video director kofi poason in a relationship with Di Asa Star

Video director and founder of Trace101Africa, also Poason Music WorldWide is now in a deep love relationship with PM of Di Asa Fame. The two were seen enjoying themselves together in a picture Kofi Poason posted on his Facebook wall yesterday.

The caption which came along with the picture has got many talking as to what would make such a slim person would go for a Fat woman like PM?….

The caption for the picture reads… “Its official @kofipoason is now in a deep relationship with @diasa fame Pm and soon getting married…

Which means the two are expected to get married soon,,, and this brings me to the question that, were they already together all these while? Well… let’s all wait to see what’s going to happen at the end.

Check out the picture below and let’s hear your comment for the post.
img 3427

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