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(+Video)Bishop Ajagurajah Teaches How To Bath To Prevent Bad Luck

Ghanaian prophet and Social media personality Bishop Ajagurajah has taught people how they can be able to bath without causing bad luck to follow them.

Ajagurajah who was speaking during an interview at Kingdom FM revealed that there is a right way that one can bath without causing bad luck to follow.

According to the man of God before one bath one must know that a sponge must not be placed in the water being used to bath.

He further went ahead to reveal that one must first bathe his right hand before moving to the left hand after which he would bath the rest of the body.

He further went ahead to add that during bathing one must be sure not to use his sponge in bathing the feet as it brings about a lot of bad luck.

Concluding his words he revealed that one must avoid giving his sponge to another person to wash his back if the person is not spiritually strong.

Watch the interview below;

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