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(+Video)The Court’s Sentence Is Very Harsh-Lawyer of Akuapem Poloo

The lawyer of Akuapem poloo has come out to speak about the high court ordering for Rosemond brown as he declares the court issue as harsh.

Speaking after the sentence of Akuapem Poloothe lawyer revealed that Akuapem Poloo after she was granted her first bail thought things could have been better but unfortunately didn’t turn out as expected.

He further went ahead to reveal that wouldn’t be sending the matter to another court for a new appeal but would accept the order given by the judge so that she stays in prison for the 90 days sentence after which she would come back and continue with her life.

Akuapem poloo was arrested and arranged before a court for exposing the nudity of his son during his birthday which goes against the laws of the country.

Watch the video below;

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