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VIP increases Accra-Kumasi fare to GH120

Travellers using the Accra to Kumasi route will have to pay more if they decide to travel by VIP JEOUN Transport Service.

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VIP JEOUN Transport increases Accra-Kumasi fare to GH¢120

VIP company management said it raised the fare by 20% just two weeks after raising the fare on the Accra-Kumasi route by another 20%.

Tickets from Kumasi to Accra go on sale for 120 GH¢ on Monday morning, according to a graphic.com.gh report. The last two weeks were 100 GH¢, but 3 GH¢ were 80 GH¢. We sold it a few weeks ago.

Two weeks ago, on Monday, October 24, 2022, VIP JEOUN Transport Service, which consists of private private bus owners linked under the brand name VIP JEOUN, announced that it would suspend its operations due to rising fuel and spare parts costs. Fares have been increased by 20%.

The Ghana Driveway Transport Association followed suit with a 19% increase in fares.

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Graphic further reported that some commuters from Kumasi to Accra arrived at Neoplan Station [VIP Station] in Asafo on the morning of Monday, November 7, 2022, although there were no reports of commuters from Kumasi to Accra this morning. I was told that the fare of the is now reduced to GH¢120.

Fuel prices in Ghana hit a record high at the pump, with petrol selling at 17.99 GHS per liter and diesel at 23.49 GHS per liter.

Meanwhile, a member of the Ghana Road Transport Association announced that he would raise freight rates by 19% due to rampant fuel price increases.

Fuel He was sold at GHS6.5 in January 2022, but the pump has more than tripled in price today, mainly due to challenges with the devaluation of the Cedi.

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