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We Gave Ghana $560 Million To Fight Covid-19 : World Bank Exposes Gov’t

The World Bank has committed $430 million to the government of Ghana to tackle cases of Covid-19. This was revealed by World Bank Country Director Pierre Frank Laporte.

The funds were initially allotted to several programs targeted at informing and teaching Ghanaians about the Covid-19 and its safety precautions, he claims.

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Mr Laporte stated on JoyNews’ PM Express on Thursday:

“We’ve provided $430 million to Ghana to fight Covid. And this includes different activities including initially the communication campaign, the sensitization campaign, equipping labs, equipping new facilities to receive patients, to treat patients.’

He also stated that the World Bank provided an additional $130 million specifically for the purchase of vaccines.

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While the World Bank was actively supporting Ghana’s Covid-19 fight, it also put several projects in motion to help the country’s economy stay afloat.

These projects, according to Pierre Frank Laporte, are aimed at Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which are the backbone of Ghana’s economy.

He stated that the Bank has accelerated the disbursement of projects such as the Ghana Economic Transformation projects, which are aimed specifically at SMEs.

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