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What a shame,A woman with kids caught in bed with a 13 year old boy

A woman(house help) who introduced a boy of 13 years old to a family life has been sentenced eight months in prison

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The 34-year-old mother of five children was sentenced to prison by the court.
Aside giving herself to the boy,who she was employed to cater for ,she also abused him, slept with him many times, and forced him to satisfy her at least four times a day. The magistrate convicted her on two counts of abusing the boy sexually and introducing him to 18+ contents .

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The boy of 13 years broke down in tears at the court saying he’s in love with the older woman and begging the court to pardon her. The house help later told the court she was a victim of child abuse. She was married at age of 14 and she’s the mother.

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