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Why Prince Harry got to know of Queen Elizabeth’s death “hours’ after Prince Andrew

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The apparent “exclusion” of Prince Harry from the announcement of the late Queen’s passing has left many fans perplexed.

This issue was raised and brought to light by Rebecca English, the royal editor for the Daily Mail.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

The Queen died at Balmoral of “old age,” it was disclosed yesterday – the first time a monarch’s death certificate is thought to have been made public, according to her admissions, which were published in a new article for the site.

The paper, however, also raises significant questions because it revealed that Prince Harry was over three hours before learning of his grandmother’s passing.

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Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie, Prince Andrew, and Prince William were all traveling to Scotland when the Queen passed away, and it is thought that they were notified in midair, the author said.

Prince Harry, on the other hand, had not even reached an airport due to what appeared to be uncertainty on whether he should accompany his wife Meghan up to Aberdeenshire. At 5.35 p.m., he finally boarded a private plane from Luton, which landed in Aberdeen at 6.47 p.m.

But it still leaves a crucial gap of two hours and 25 minutes between the passing of the Queen and Harry’s takeoff, during which there doesn’t seem to have been any interaction between the prince and his family.


In response to questions, Palace aides and insiders “emphasized that the old-fashioned King does not have a mobile phone and his diary is such that calls between himself and his family generally have to be “booked in”.”

In order to reach him urgently, “family members often have to resort to dialing employees or even one of his police bodyguards.”

Others claimed that the King probably wanted to notify his son directly but ran out of time as the deadline for the publication of an official proclamation approached.

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