Xandy Karmel Takes Shelly Ghalley’s Footsteps, Curses Blogger Who Fabricated Lies About Her Marriage

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TV presenter Xandy Karmel has taken the footsteps of actress and TV host Selly Ghalley as she also curses a blogger who fabricated lies about her marriage.

Xandy was very angry and hurt about the things the said blogger had said about her marriage, reporting that it had hit rocks which were not true.


She descended heavily on the blogger first in an Instagram post which said,”Dear CINDY CASH TV PRESENTERS AND CREW I PERSONALLY CALLED to alert you on the lie you posted about me and my husband on your page and you promised to do the right thing I waited for long and gave you pressure and u finally deleted the video and promised to retract all the lies your presenter said about my marriage till now you have refused well God knows I tried my best to calm down and listen to you I have you the respect due and if this is how you want it then cool let’s play this game first of all the presenter who made that video will suffer for the rest of her life ,SHE WILL BE REJECTED MY DEATH MAY HER UNBORN GENERATION BE USED AS THANKSGIVING SACRIFICE TO THE GODS OF KRACHI 🙏 May her generation beg to die whatever DISGRACE SHE WISH FOR ME MAY SHE PASS TRU WORSE ANY HARM THAT VIDEO HAS CAUSE ME MAY HER WHOLE FAMILY GO TRU SAME AND NOW TO ALL THE WORKERS FROM HEAD TO LAST PERSON AT CINDY CASH TV MAY YOU SUFFER FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES AND ANY TIME YOU DRINK WATER 💦 MAY YOU BE CHOKED,may you be crushed over anytime you cross the road 🙏”

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