Yaa Jackson Accused Of Using Her Verified Instagram Handle To Sell Charms

Yaa Jackson

Kumawood actress turned musician Yaa Jackson has been accused of allegedly using her social media handle to sell charms to people.


Per the report, the singer is using her Instagram handle which is verified to sell to her fans and followers a love portion and other forms of aphrodisiacs.

On a normal day any celebrity selling on his/her social media handle shouldn’t be a problem but these days a lot of people have created fake social media accounts which they use in scamming people.

That is why we believe the social media platforms introduced the verified icon to tell the real account of a celebrity from a fake one.

But in the case of Yaa Jackson, instead of promoting her songs or any upcoming movies, she rather decided to make an advert for a product which we believe she herself doesn’t use.

She captioned the post: “@ohemaa_products_ Our products are very effective. We have varieties of products. We have products for bonding, favor, Good luck, and attraction of men. Dm: @ohemaa_papabi_. WhatsApp/call 0248143309 @ohemaa_products_”.

See the screenshot below:

yaa jackson 2 1382184704

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