You are a big ‘villager’ and a disgrace to all women – Whitney Boakye fires Tracey Boakye

Entertainment Pundit and event organizer, Whitney Boakye Mensah did not take it lightly with actress Tracey Boakye over her outburst on social media as she blasts her for behaving childishly.

Tacey Boakye in an Instagram photo described 40-year-old Mzbel as ‘an old woman and animal.’ She went on to state unequivocally that Mzbels’s private parts stink and had gone grey thus no man is interested in her.


Reacting to such a stale statement from the actress on Peace FM, Whitney Boakye said her actions and inactions show that she is “an uncivilized lady and acts like she wasn’t brought up well”.

Whitney Boakye also stated that Tracey Boakye has grossly disrespected herself and put herself up for future public ridicule. She described her as a disgrace to all women.

“I am so disappointed in her. All these people call themselves role models…You may have deleted those videos but only God knows where they have ended up. And any time, somebody will dig up anything to do with Mzbel, these are the things that will come up. How dare her disgrace all women,” she angrily retorted.

Tracey Boakye and Mzbel have been in the news in these few days for all the wrong reasons as they fight and struggle virtually over a man whose identity is still not known.

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