“Love 360”! Actress Yvonne Ossei & Jeffrey Nortey Feature In New TV Show

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Ossei gives an impressive performance on the new Love 360 TV show with fellow actor Jeffrey Nortey. Yvonne became the first African woman to win the British Urban Film Festival Award for her stageplay on FGM which she wrote and performed in.


As such Yvonne Ossei is emerging as a multi-talented force to be reckoned with. She has previously performed in short films, theatres across the U.K and presented the Heart of The Matter TV debate show.

Love 360 is a new TV skit show about love, friendships, and relationships. What does a husband do when he doesn’t like his wife’s cooking? What does a wife do when she thinks that her children should carry her maiden name? The show unveils the nature of relationships good, bad, and ugly.

Yvonne believes that “the show will create healthy dialogue and address topics that we sometimes avoid”. The interactive format poses a question at the end of each skit and invites the audience to provide an answer.

Episodes are now available on the Ananse Television YouTube Channel.

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